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Ben Bartlett: The smart path is solving for zero assets with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology not only has the potential to provide greater efficiency and more effective service delivery models in government, healthcare, energy and corporate bureaucracies, but also to alleviate poverty by empowering new markets and expanding prosperity.

Accordingly, we propose targeted investment in these three areas:

  1. Public Finance: MicroBonds on the Blockchain to fund infrastructure development
  2. Programmable Currencies: Define markets and drive impact investing adoption and compliance
  3. Personal Data Markets: Personal data sovereignty to create passive value streams to fund basic income

Trillions of dollars are stuck in dead ends which can easily be redirected to serve real people in the real economy. Distributed ledger technology and smart contracts provide a vehicle to help facilitate that transition and increase the velocity of money into emerging markets. Measures at both the State and Local level will enable us to:

1.     Revolutionize Public Finance:  Expansion of the $3.7tn public finance market by issuing MicroBonds on the Blockchain

  • Transparency and disintermediation of the bond offering process significantly lowers cost to issuer
  • Greater flexibility for target funding and speedier project finance
  • Low investment denominations allow for democratization of asset ownership and expansion of wealth
  • Tokenized MicroBond interest payments helps create smart local currencies to drive public benefit and community participation in local markets

2.     Grow Sustainable Markets and help deliver the $600 billion Impact investing market with Smart Contracts to drive adoption and ensure compliance with environmental and socially responsible protocols

  • By localizing capital with programmable currency, investors looking to improve neighborhood conditions can unlock a sustainable network of capital that is never offshored
  • Green the global supply chain by creating assured markets for sustainable goods and processes funded with pre-directed smart securities and other DLT enabled financial instruments

3.     Fund Universal Basic Income (UBI) through the personal agency of private data in the market place

  • By declaring personal data to be a sovereign property right, we can strategically decrease poverty by allowing individuals and communities to become involved in the robust monetization of their data
  • The blockchain allows for the direct auditable record of data transaction and subsequent direct programmable payment directly from advertisers and vendors
  • People will be able to approach data markets collectively and negotiate pooled transactions for lower cost health insurance, utilities and products

Our mission is to guarantee a more noble future than the one promised us.

All Doors Open!

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